The journey over two decades has seen design projects ranging from Set Design to Interiors, Furniture to Product Design, Exhibitions to Architecture, Content Development for TV shows to Complete Production of a Science based YouTube series, Branding to Claymation Films, Graphic Books to Film Publicity etc.

We have hands-on experience in almost everything there is to do in design. So today when we take on a project which is in our core competency, we draw upon the experience across disciplines to give it a holistic richness that sets all our projects apart from the rest.

We have experience of executing more than 500 projects of all kinds. Most of the projects executed are Spatial (Sets, Exhibitions, Interiors) or Products/Furniture (Kiosks, ATMs, Furniture, Retail Display, Signage). We have done a few projects that were executed as a part of Branding and Graphic design, but thats a service that we currently do not offer.

At first the execution/fit-out was done only for our designs so that we could give a Turnkey solution, but since the last 5 years we have opened our services to others and have worked with many design houses and 5-Star hotels as well.

While working with television for Set design, we had a chance to intrinsically understand the content for 100s of Tv shows for which we had to design the sets for. With so much pre-production information our foray into content was inevitable. We conceptualised Physical Game shows (V-Challenge, Full-On), Chain Reactions, we also conceptualised and created the content on FAQ and BrainCafe till the shoot stage. Deepak was a creative consultant for M.A.D on Pogo and creative director for science on F.A.Q on Pogo and BrainCafe on ZeeQ.

Its our multi-disciplinary experience that now gives us the edge over anyone else in the country to generate DIY/Science/Experiential content at par with the best in the world.

Today no design project can be approached in isolation and clients feel comfortable when multiple design issues can be handled by, or routed through one firm. In other words, we think holistically

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Lateral Thinking comes naturally with multi-disciplinary experience

01.  General

From 1998-2008 we operated as an extremely multi-disciplinary design studio and the list shows the various disciplines we engaged in, some key projects done and the awards section helps prove that theres method in the madness.

05.  Content Development

Developed and Executed Content ranging fromScience shows (FAQ/Pogo and BrainCafe/ZeeQ) and Game Shows (V Challenge & FullOn/Channel V). Also Produced Science and Art/DIY shows for the digital medium

02.  Sets & Stage

We have designed and executed more than 400 projects for clients ranging from Sunburn Goa, Channel V, MTV, CNBC TV18, TimesNow, ET Now, ZOOM, Bloomberg, ETC, Miniature sets, MTV Immies, Style Awards, Mughal-e-Azam etc.

06.  Product & Furniture

We Design with clarity of Production and have prototyped with over 30 designs produced for Interactive Kiosks, ATMs etc, always within ONE month. Our innovative prototyping techniques once cut the time required from 3 months to 1 week.

03.  Exhibition & Events

We have designed and executed various exhibition projects for clients including Welspun (Domotex, Hannover), Rhoda (Pragati Maidan), Fevicol (Pragati Maidan), International Gemological Laboratories (IIJS), Tara (IIJS) etc

07.  Communication Design

We’ve created Brand Identities, Film Publicity and designed off-beat books & planners. Mostly these were for clients with whom we were already doing spatial projects. They liked the way we think and decided to route these through us

04.  Interiors

We have designed and executed Commercial Interiors including Blue&Blues, a chain of stores for an Italian Brand which set up in India. The projects of interest are Office interiors and Retail Stores, including the displays & furniture

08.  Execution Projects

Initially we were executing only the projects that we would design so that we could give a Turnkey solution to clients. From 2008 onwards, we set up teams such that we could also execute other projects, including some which many didn’t dare to.

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/ AWARDS & accolades

Awards can be a sign that one’s doing it right, or, a sign to move on to newer challenges



1+1 = 2. Normally, yes! But when it comes to people, the potential is limitless

Deepak PathaniaFounder & Director Goa

Industrial Designer and a Compulsive hands-on Inventor with a professional experience of 22+ years. You can excite him with any problem that could have a physical solution, especially mechanical.

Amit PathaniaDirector-Mumbai

17 Years of Multidisciplinary Design and Execution experience. A technophile by nature and a person who can take up a challenge of any scale and will not rest until it is completed


Our extended team of go-to professionals for collaborations are in the areas of Education Content, Branding, Websites, Photography, Film-making, Engineering, Architecture and Fabrication.

510Sets / Exhibitions / Interiors
30Interactive Kiosks /Atms
2015Science Experiments
5Public Toilet Designs, 1 on wheels



One of our First client is still our client, thats 20+ yrs worth! Our passion on the job turns clients into friends

Yes-Men? No Sir! We’re just the opposite. In fact, you can rely on us to be honest with you even if it means we don’t get the project. And we have a certificate to prove it and a wonderful short story to tell.

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Goa Office: 993-B, off Gandhi Road, Bacbhat, Raia, Salcete, Goa – 403720

Mumbai Office: In the process of being shifted.

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d’Art of Science on Youtube

300+ Design and Innovation led D.I.Y videos, that also explain the science behind it.

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Science Festival of India

Science Based experiential exhibits, installations and stage shows, and more.

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Check out FabLabShow on YouTube

Live, exhibit based science shows where you can see science in action, on stage.

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Aims to support product development in Goa by injecting design into all kinds of “making” activities, whether business or hobby.