Onepage Portfolio Single


The best one was the series of Graphically rich Book-Cum-Planners called “Bombay Rocks” we created for Tara (among the biggest exporters of jewellery from India). This was widely copied by its 3rd edition and therefore we also stopped making any more. Why book cum planners? Thats because when the year is over, the planner part can be thrown away and the book remains forever.

The first book took a person new to Bombay through a journey of what happens in Mumbai during the day, beginning from morning to night. So at anytime in the day you would know where you could see some iconic activity. The photos were taken by Renowned photographer Rajat Nagpal and our amazing team of designers.

The Second book showcased Festivals and was produced in the same way as the first and our team worked with Anoop as the main graphic lead for the design. This book has even more graphics and illustrations than the first. The third book had amazing photos taken by the renowned photographer, Sudhir Ramchandran from Bangalore.

Apart from these books we have designed various Brochures, Magazine etc for various clients