Onepage Portfolio Single


This project was refused by many contractor-designers from different parts of the country. Design was by Super Potato Design from Japan, and the project was through Takshaka Interiors in Delhi NCR. The project involed approx 37 tonnes of steel sheets of thickness ranging from 6mm to 20mm and sizes from 3x3ft to 6x30ft, to be put in various orientations on the floor, walls, partitions and ceiling of the restaurant EEST. When others say its difficult, we normally take up the challenge. Amit led this project against all odds, including the Delhi winters in a hotel building without windows as it was being built. 37 tons of metal first had to be sourced correctly, textured to specification and then brought up 50ft high to the required floor and then the fabrication done on site. The client had estimated 6 months to complete, Amit’s brigade finished it in 45 days.