Onepage Portfolio Single


It used to take us 30 days to design an Interactive kiosk and about 15 days to prototype it, and that in itself was very fast. Over the years there came a time when the client loved the designs created in a few hours as a sketch or a render, and the prototypes took literally 1 week from drawing to standing. We made touch-screen terminals to ATMs, considering various types of hardware that goes in it. We have made more than 30 designs over 20years that were prototyped and produced in batches for various banks and institutions. The main client has been Forbes Technosys Ltd for whom most of the kiosks were designed.

As an anecdote for the prototyping acumen; we were once brought a kiosk for Huges telecom for prototyping since they had been struggling to figure out the metal work for the odd slanting design curved along the edges. The vendor who usually made metal kiosks, had worked on it for months. We took on the execution to help them, and managed to make the prototype standing in production friendly process in TWO days. We just twisted the production process around to suit the requirement.