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Corporate Headquarter Building Design for Unique International

Architecture is something we never dreamed of doing but then sometimes when a client likes your work as a creative person, the they too transcend the boundaries of multi-disciplinary design and they are happy to explore more things with you. With Unique International, we started with design and execution of their chain of stores, then they offered us to work on their new head office building (architecture and complete interiors). For projects like these, we engage with other associates so that the client gets our thought process or curation while the soundness of the ideas is guaranteed via people experienced in the field. For this project we worked with DeFacto Architects (Mumbai).

The other house was inspired by a tree house, or rather a tree in itself. We worked with a reputed structural engineer, Mr.Kelkar (Dynamic Engineering) to make sure that this concept was sound enough to be executed. This is yet to be commissioned