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Corporate Headquarter Building Design for Unique International

The foray into Store Design started with a small and beautiful store called Just, set up in Bandra in Mumbai. Just was a tiny store where apart from the visual aesthetics, there were a lot of clever ideas incorporated to save space since it was a small 200sqft store. For example the changing room opened up around the person like a fan when it was required, and then collapsed along the wall when not in use.

Then we did another small store called Reve and that was also small but here the display elements were ornately handcrafted and everything was designed and executed specifically for the store.

Blue and Blues was an Italian brand for purses and bags etc brought in India by Unique International from Kolkata. Because of how the products looked, chic, we decided to make the look really exclusive and used duPont’s Corian in a way that they asked us to conduct a workshop after that at NID to introduce the students to the material. In India otherwise the material is used like plywood, whereas its potential is phenomenal.

We created the design for the chain of stores for B&B and it was reviewed by magazines and even featured on the cover of Images Retail magazine and was termed the store of the month. The display units won the runners-up for the international competition called “Skin of Corian”.