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SMART VAULT FOR ICICI | India's first automated Locker Kiosk

The Smart Vault is technically developed by P.A.R.I from Pune, and only the front end experience and elements are design and executed by us. Though the call came to us pretty late in the day because ICICI Bank was struggling to digest the designs for the kiosks shown to them. When we got the project, we first immediately made a mockup video to show the volume of the kiosk in the room that they were proposing, and from that day on, they knew they were in safe hands.

The smart vault was India’s first, and the only one we had seen before was a short clip in the movie “Da Vinci Code”. The client wanted something new, and “something new” is what we generally love to hear as a brief. So to do new things there are two ways to do, either keep trying, or get someone to work on it who has no concept of what needs to be made. And that is a normal practice in our office as all designers from various disciplines are encourages to give it a shot while we curate it to achieve the form and function constraints. It’s an interesting anecdote here. Our automobile designer, Hemal, who sketches these lovely cars was struggling to make anything nice for the kiosk. So he was surrounded with average sketches for the kiosk, but amazing car sketches. So i told him, take a few of the car renders and do a form transition exercise to make it fit the physical volume that the mechanisms required. And that exercise led to the design that was unanimously selected by all, including being our favourite.