Presidents Gold: Best Tableau at the Republic Day Parade

17 June 2017 / By admin

Since we work across disciplines, many a times there will be someone in the room who will ask “so this is the first time you’re doing this?”. Answer is, this kind of project…yes, but it is our multidisciplinary thought process that can take even the first projects at a level that among the best that stands apart from the rest. In our first and only attempt at design+execution of a float for the republic day parade we not only successfully completed the project but Won the BEST Design as well as the best Executed tableau at 2012 Republic Day Parade.

Anecdote: After the 5 months of selection and shortlisting process by the Ministry of defense, our project almost did not happen because the budgets are discussed only 1 month before the R-Day, and our design including the 2 ton metal tree installation took the overall budget to double the standard budgets. This is where some lateral thinking came in handy and we suggested the extra budget could be justified if the installation is not a one time use but it becomes a permanent sculpture, by adding a little MORE to the execution budget. Today, the Golden Tree of Knowledge stands appropriately in front of the NCERT Library in New Delhi.